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About Invalert

Invalert – an AI-powered crypto trading tool that generates real-time alerts for cryptocurrency traders by monitoring trading charts and mining trends.

At Invalert, we want to help cryptocurrency traders be more successful by helping them make data-driven logical and timely trading decision and leave any guess work and emotions out of the picture.

How We Are Working

Invalert’s unique proprietary AI-based algorithms perform rapid analysis of large amounts of complex data involving past and current trading patterns of currently available crypto coins. When it discovers the best optimal trading opportunity, it sends those alerts instantly to our subscribers via Telegram signals or Invalert mobile app alerts four times a day 24/7. An alert includes uptrend/downtrend, price, stop-loss price, three target prices, names of investment assets, names of markets and a time/date. After first target is hit, a trend may continue further, and our system will generate more alerts until the second and third targets are hit. While our system will continuously send alerts, ultimately the final decision on whether to wait or act on any given trend is left up to individual users.

In addition to sending alerts/signals to our subscribers, we also offer tutorials, dashboards and 100 percent transparent access to our historical alerts data with details. Such access allows users to view success rate for each coin and also check potential maximum profit of a trend. The success rate of each trade is calculated in the following way: if the first target is hit, then it is a win, even though the trend may continue upwards. If it hits stop-loss point, then it is considered a failure, which still helps minimize loss for users. The formula for success rate is defined as the number of won alerts divided by the sum of the number of won alerts plus the number of loss alerts. A trend lifetime is minimum of four hours. The success rate of alerts can be measured for any single coin or combination of different currency pairs such as a BTC/USD or BTC/Altcoin for any given time. On our web panel, you can find more information on each coin or pairs. Invalert team has put a lot of work behind formulating a success rate for each coin and we are proud of our high success rate so far. Our team is committed to continuously improve Invalert’s algorithms and functionality.


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